Why Alpha Gam?

As a collegiate member of Alpha Gamma Delta, you are surrounded by sisterhood from day one. Chapter meetings and philanthropy events are just a small portion of the things that you will do to build a bond with your chapter sisters. Memories you make with them will live on for years after your collegiate time is over. Member of Alpha Gamma Delta are provided several opportunities to hold leadership positions and further their personal development through Alpha, Gamma and Delta experiences.

Alumnae members of Alpha Gamma Delta have endless opportunities to stay involved with the Fraternity. Alpha Gamma Delta can provide a lifelong ability to give back, whether you choose to volunteer with a collegiate chapter as an advisor or with a larger role on the Volunteer Service Team. Many cities and areas across North American have Alumnae Chapters/Clubs that alumnae can join to keep with with sisters and meet other Alpha Gams close to home.



While I was going through recruitment, I looked at two things in each house. The first thing was the house’s symbols and philanthropies. The second was how the girls treated each other. I was sold when I saw just how much genuine love and respect each sister had for each other. To me, being an Alpha Gam means to be selfless, open minded, and authentic. That extends past just sisterhood. My favorite line of the Alpha Gamma Delta purpose is, “To welcome the opportunity of contributing to the world's work in the community where I am placed because of the joy of service thereby bestowed and the talent of leadership multiplied.” This demonstrates the greater purpose we have as global citizens to use our talents.

My goal as president is to make each sister, new and old, feel like they belong in the Alpha Gamma Delta community and uplift them to improve their current and future communities. As such a large organization, we have an ability to positively impact the Greek community, the University of Michigan community, and even the Ann Arbor community today and the rest of the world tomorrow. Alpha Gam has changed my life for the better in ways I could have never expected but truly needed. Every day I feel inspired by this sisterhood to be the best version of myself possible, and I encourage all of our members to find what makes them unique and contribute to this chapter and the world.


Sarah Hussain